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Prorpiété Philomena et vue du chemin d'accès au chalet

Aerial view of the property and its path on which the 4x4 function is essential to access the chalet

To make life easier for our holidaymakers who are not equipped with 4x4s and who wish to spend a peaceful stay, the Can Am Traxter HD10 4x4 six-seater is available free of charge against deposit to holidaymakers of Chalet Philomena who wish to do so.

​Note: 2 drivers maximum. Fuel to be paid at the end of the stay. Limited mileage. ​Conditions:

Terms of use detailed below.

The loan from the Can-Am increases the deposit by €2000, i.e. a global chalet + Can-Am deposit of €4000 (credit card imprint, no debit but with impact on the ceiling).

Courtesy vehicle

Can-Am Traxter 4x4 Terms of Use:

  • from December to April : between the property (low and high car parks) and the free public car parks of the village "Le Plan" de La Giettaz located 1.5 km from the chalet: 

    • General parking of Le Plan located at the entrance of the hamlet

    • parking of the ski lifts on the snow front (ski school, ticketing)

Can-Am Traxter du chalet Philomena
Can-Am Traxter du chalet Philomena
  • from May to November : only between the "top" parking of the property and the "low" parking where holidaymakers can park their own vehicles.

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